I finally have time to recap what happened last week:

Dove had a foal last Saturday. However, she had no milk. Foal is named ” Diamond His Eye is on the Sparrow”

Sparrow was not progressing..veterinarian was called in….she was given plasma..and bottle feeding began.

Put out a plea for a nurse mare.

We thought we had found one locally…I ran out to get all the supplies needed…chasing that down…and the person who owned the mare…rescinded the offer…thinking that we were going to hurt her mare. That decision could have been a death sentence for Sparrow..I wasted 3 hrs chasing that down.

Back to the barn…bottle feeding….

Another nurse mare was found Saturday night…2 hrs away..but when I asked them if I transport Sparrow..and it does not work out…would they help with bottle feeding until another solution was found. The response was: when would you pick her up..wrong answer.

Barn where Dove and Sparrow were boarded…told me at 8pm that night..that I could not bottle feed her there..and must get the family out to a new place. 8pm…on a Saturday…little Sparrow was getting weaker.

A friend…called a friend…who stopped by to help me. We transfered Dove and Sparrow to her barn. Sparrow fell twice on the way to the trailer..very weak.

And I started the night shift….every two hrs…feeding baby Sparrow.

The first two feedings..Sparrow would not get up…

But on the third feeding..she was up! And excited to see me.

9am…I was able to held home….picked up 3 quarts of goat’s milk from local store.

Veterinarian called me..and highly recommended that a nurse mare be found.

He put out a plea to his clients.

He sent a list in the afternoon.

I called…and she told me about her mare that lost her foal..11 days ago..and was grieving. An experienced mom. I asked the same question..what if it does not go well. She answered…no worries..Sparrow would be taken care of…..Yeah..

Still having no sleep….after taking care of my dogs…I went by the vet’s office to pick up medicine for the nurse mare and to tranquilize Dove. I rushed back to Sparrow..who was so excited to see “bottle lady”.

Tranquilized we could remove baby safely.

Loaded Sparrow up..and drive her two hours to meet Sherry..the nurse mare.

Gave the medicine to Sherry. To reset her to accept baby Sparrow.

It worked! And after 11 days..her milk came back.

Dove is now back at the boarding barn.

Sparrow will stay with nurse mare until weaned.

Dove needs to gain weight and confidence.

Both are precious.