Mags – Neo Mastiff

Let me tell you about my day:

I went back to the puppymill auction.

Dogs were priced high.

I did pick up a microchip reader, chainsaw, mats, boots…for hardly anything…

So I stroll back in…..

When they auction off the big dogs..they do not take them out of the cage. As I gathered around…number 80…was so sweet. I looked up her info…elderly St. Bernard. She was very small for the breed. I moved away..but kept listening to when 80 would be bid on.

And….the bid was low… I bid….and won….I was so excited….until the next dog…was number 80. She went for 100.00.

I had already spent my budget…on the dog before…79.

So what dog was 79….

The female Neo Mastiff.

I named her Mags.

As I was in line to pay…a lady tells me..I bought a large aggressive dog. She knows a rescue that will take it…..

She told me..that once I buy a dog..I am allowed to take pictures.

I go back to take pictures of Mags. But I did not wait for them to take her out of the crate. Auction people went berserk. Yelled at me..wanted to see my phone.

Someone banged into my truck.

As I was trying to figure out the game plan for Mags..the annoyed auction attendants demanded I leave.

So..she rode on the front seat..and made a huge mess. But she was not mean.

She is now in boarding…step 2 ..I will figure out tomorrow.

Her belly is too the ground…from having pups.