Dog Rescue

I got involved in dog rescue – when I found out that dogs were be put down via gas chambers, heartstick.  I had moved south for a job offer.  I started out by transporting shelter dogs to rescues.  Arranging transports – from the WV shelters to rescues in Pennsylvania, Maryland.  Then I started fostering dogs – for Rottie Rescue in North Carolina.  My very first dog that I adopted out – was so hard!  I wanted to keep him…but I can only help other dogs – if dogs are adopted.  I am self funded – me – but I get great joy from seeing the happy endings.

Horse Rescue

Once I learned – that horses were being sold – by the pound to kill buyers – then sent in a crowded truck to the Mexican border  – there…they stayed in crowded conditions with minimal food, water – and eventually – sent across the border to be slaughtered – I had to help!

Started out just donating…..but we were having trouble finding rescues for the horses.  So I rescued one… keep…and one …to rehome.   My rescue is small…I have to pay for board on my rescue horses -and that adds up very fast.  Horses teach us alot.  Alot of horses that come from the auctions – are not sound to ride – but just precious in temperament.    They take longer to find homes.

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Annies Orphans.

Annie’s Orphans is an organization dedicated to animal care and protection. Our goal is to promote responsible animal ownership and to assume those responsibilities when others are unable or unwilling to do so.

Please take time in choosing a pet. Take into consideration the cost of food and health care as well as the time you have available to spend with your new companion. Consider the needs of the animal as well as your own. We may request that you take a 24-hour thought period to carefully consider the advantages and disadvantages of pet ownership.

Pets are confused by drastic changes in their homes, lifestyles, etc. Their habits may change with each new owner. PLEASE ALLOW AT LEAST 30 DAYS FOR ANY ANIMAL TO ADJUST TO A NEW HOME. You are new to the animal and they are not sure where they are or how long they will be there. If you cannot provide a lifetime home for a pet, do not adopt it!

Animals need companionship and supervision. Dogs need to be secured to prevent them from becoming a free roaming nuisance to the community.

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Mary Jean Flies Away

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18:  The Lord is close to the
and saves those who are

Need A Home

Castaways!   Please look at these amazing animals.


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3 yrs old..17 hands…Great manners

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7 yr old Morgan mare

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3 yrs old…mountain cur..very friendl

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